Pricing structure

I calculate base prices using three simple formulas based on the size of the work, which corresponds directly to the time and energy I will need to put into the piece.

Works smaller than 8” by 8” are priced at a rate of (average of length and height) x 12.5.

For example, a piece that is 5” by 7” would start at $75.

Mid-sized pieces require more materials, more dry time, and much more time and energy set aside to work.

Works larger than 8” by 8” and smaller than 26” by 26” are priced at a rate of (average of length and height) x 25.

For example, a piece that is 11” by 14” would start at $312.50.

Large pieces are fun challenges to take on, but are difficult to ship, take huge amounts of my time and energy, and are costly in terms of materials.

Works larger than 26” by 26” are priced at a rate of (average of length and height) x 30.

For example, a piece that is 36” by 48” would start at $1,260.

These are base or starting prices. Pieces including portraits, figures, a multifaceted or textured background, or a high level of detail will be more expensive than the base price by up to ~$150 depending on level of complexity.

I require payment for the work after it is done and before I have shipped it. I will send a finished image of the work in order to ensure it is fully to your liking and requires no additional tweaks. I will then ship the painting via UPS, and send the receipt and tracking number to you. At this time I will require reimbursement for the shipping costs.

I am happy to work with you to find a payment plan that fits your budget. I accept payment in installments, and via Venmo, PayPal, cash, or check.



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